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Spare Parts

We offer an extensive range of bus and coach door spare parts covering the most common door systems in service, from the most current manufacturers > Ventura & TDS to older Deans & Peters products on the most popular vehicle models > Alexander Dennis, Optare/Switch, MCV & Wrightbus/Bamford

Over 7000 parts are catalogued/stocked in the UK with more than 25000 parts referenced for potential supply on future demand. TDS have the most extensive door part cross platform database in the industry, built over 15 years and constantly updated as new details arise.

We are the official UK Parts & Service partner for Ventura Systems, the most commonly fitted door system in UK fleets and our own TDS product is present on Optare/Switch & Treka Bus vehicles for over 10 years. Any part related to these systems is available and supplied as high quality OE products which give maximum confidence in compatibility and long term performance.

We offer a large range of OE specification equivalent products and some refurbishment options for older Deans & Peters systems along with a reverse engineering ability for the more obscure, now obsolete items.

Below are the main product categories you will need, please visit our category specific pages here and search with our helpful filters. You can download the latest product image sheets from the PDF links. If you are not confident with your own part selection, please do not hesitate to contact us for support.

Bearings, Bushes & Rollers
last updated: 11 January 2024
Brackets & Pivots
last updated: 26 March 2024
last updated: 11 January 2024
Crank Arms & Stub Shafts
last updated: 11 January 2024
Cylinders & Rams
last updated: 28 February 2024
last updated: 28 February 2024
Fabricated & Plates
last updated: 11 January 2024
Fixings, Spacers & Stops
last updated: 27 March 2024
Gears, Springs & Cables
last updated: 05 February 2024
Locks, Handles & Covers
last updated: 11 January 2024
Pneumatic Fittings
last updated: 11 January 2024
Pneumatic Other
last updated: 11 January 2024
Sabots & Covers
last updated: 11 January 2024
Seals - Brush & Rubber
last updated: 11 January 2024
last updated: 11 January 2024
last updated: 11 January 2024
Door Shafts
last updated: 01 February 2023
We have a low minimum order value (MOV) of just £25 and offer FREE Standard Delivery on all orders £75.00 and above. Lower value orders attract a £9.50 charge for tracked delivery services. No Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) apply to specific parts. All prices exclude VAT.

Door Systems

In addition to the common spare components above, we can also support the replacement of complete door systems or larger/assembled components including > door shelfplates, support arms, leaves, shafts, handrails & mounting profiles.




When enquiring about these type items please try to provide any manufacturer serial number labels visible on the shelfplate or door leaves. If this is not available please confirm the vehicle bodybuilder/model & age, this speeds part number identification. Emailed pictures of required items is always welcome.

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